Bits & Bobs

Where to begin? My fingers are twitching anxiously, staring at this blank space and wondering where to start. Not that I have anything insane to say, but it’s been such a long time.

The basics: we moved to Kentucky, I quit my job, life has never been better.


Back in the spring we started to feel restless. Too comfortable would be a better way to describe things. Happy, but we could be happier. We knew we weren’t reaching our full potential and it was eating away at us. I use the term ‘we’ because both Sean and I felt the same way.

DSC_4848Knowing we wanted to make a change, we started spending more time down in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky. We would drive down after work in the evenings and spend most of our weekends soaking up the city and seeking out available apartments.

We found a dreamy one bedroom in Covington, KY on the second floor of a brownstone, at the end of a quiet street. The only problem? We have cats. The rules at this apartment? No pets allowed. I was CRUSHED. We were crushed.

After another month of searching, a loft fell into our lap. We were looking at another apartment nearby and the property manager mentioned a space that has just become available. She asked if we wanted to take a look and we agreed, only because we were desperate at this point. Walking in, we knew it was meant to be. High ceilings, exposed brick, city views, wood floors and across the street from the best coffee shop in town. My heart literally skipped a beat and we signed on the spot.

Fast forward to this fall. I felt settled into our new life in Kentucky, but my job situation was not great. I was constantly struggling with feeling grateful that I even had a job, and feeling fucking miserable 40 hours a week, wishing I was somewhere else, working on a project that I was passionate about.

So, I quit. I took time to plan, realize what really makes me happy, and was able to find a job working from home that will give me some flexibility to support myself and work on creative projects I never had time for in the past.

I want to re-define this space. I have always posted sporadically, vaguely and not on a schedule. I love writing and sharing here. I always thought I would mainly post food and drink recipes, but I also want to incorporate lifestyle posts as well. It will be trial and error for a while until I find my footing, but I hope you (anyone reading) will stick around for the future.

Tell me what you all have been up to! Would love to hear from some old Internet buddies. 🙂