Brooklyn. A quick weekend trip with my aunt Lori, who is the sweetest peach in the orchard. We are kindred spirits and I just love her. She took me with her to New York a few weeks ago to be her baby shower date. Her step son’s wife, Ashley, is due with her first baby in a few months, so we hopped on a plane early Friday morning, and landed in New York a few hours later to soak in as much of the city as we could.

dog bk

Slowly crept up behind a stranger to get this shot. The dogs in Brooklyn melt my heart. Especially the ones who wait outside while their owners run inside the deli to get a bagel.







Fancy ass baby shower gifts..


On our last night, we went to the restaurant in our hotel, The Elm.




GOOD GOD, this place was unbelievable. Every dish was so well thought out and special. Pictured above is the amuse bouche, which our server brought out almost instantly.


The most beautiful raw salad. Spring peas, asparagus, radish and red watercress


Lobster cassoulet. Ugh, perfect. Lobster, toasted breadcrumbs, white beans. One of the most memorable dishes of my life.


On a closing note, I hate neglecting this blog, but I will be posting more frequently now that school is out for the summer. I have lots of recipes (seriously) that I want to post, and now that I have time, I will!

I hope you are all having a lovely summer so far! ❤




5 thoughts on “Lately

  1. While the food and city shots are incredibly beautiful, the shot of the pregnant woman and what can only imagine is her grandmother is breathtaking. I’m not sure whether you should just cook or take photos. You’re gifted either way. Poppa

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