A Fat Thanksgiving Post

Woo-ee, the past 5 days have been BUSY. My brother and his fiance came into town for Thanksgiving and it just so happens that this was the last time we will see them until we all meet in Mexico in a few months for their wedding.

Our family has had the same Thanksgiving plans every year since I was born. We always go to my Grandma’s, eat lunch at promptly 1:30, lay around until 4:00, then end the night at my dad’s celebrating with his side of the family.

I took about 400 pictures over the past week, including Thanksgiving day and Casey’s bridal shower.

Here’s a few photos from our holiday….



me n b

Bea loves it when I hold him like that.



Tori- My uncle Bobby’s new dog.



I want to keep our apartment filled with flowers throughout the winter.

flowers counter

tori 2

coconut cake

milk b

Sean gives the kitties little spoonfuls of milk when he eats cereal at night.

On Saturday my mom and I threw Casey a bridal shower. It’s so crazy to think that in just four months we’ll all be together again watching them get married. We spent the afternoon eating, drinking and asking my grandma if she planned to participate in a tequila tasting down in Mexico.




caseys ring

moms window


Woman of the hour.


I hope everyone had a great holiday!


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