Our Weekend

This past weekend was full of home improvements. We bought new blinds, a new comforter, sheets and lights for our room. We used to have multicolored Christmas lights above our bed, but we wanted a change and switched to all white lights. I honestly feel more grown up with white lights, and I can tell we’ve both been sleeping better since we splurged on new bedroom accoutrements.

The rest of our days were spent walking Sam (Sean’s family dog), and letting our apartment soak in all the fresh air it can before it gets too cold to have the windows open.

Here’s a few photos from our weekend….


grant nature

There’s a park behind my old elementary school and we go back there a few times a week  to play frisbee with Sam. I feel like I complain a lot about our lack of parks around here, but this one is pretty great.


purple flowers

sam attack

Sam is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met in my life. I didn’t have dogs growing up, but I’ve completely fallen in love with her and some of the best days I’ve ever had have been because of her.


Little Stella.


These succulents make me so happy. I bought them almost a year ago and the sight of them alive and thriving thrills me. Also, my Aunt Lori made the pot they’re planted in, and she makes me happy too.

fave wall

Our walls used to be covered with art. We piled on everything we owned, not caring if it matched or belonged together. We  recently went through a big purge of wants and needs, and decided to only keep things that were meaningful. My dad bought Sean the mandolin for Christmas last year,  the bunny art is my favorite print, and the big tree painting was the first thing we bought together when we moved in.


Frequently read books.

This week is full of work and school, but I’m excited for the upcoming weekend. I’m doing a charity 5k with some friends from work and I’m hoping me and Sean will get to squeeze in a date.


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