Past Travels

When I look back on the past few years, sometimes it all feels like a big blur. School, work, family, friends, it runs together and I have a hard time remembering specifics. However, there are a few big memories that stick out, and they almost always involve traveling. I love, love, love, traveling. Meeting new people, walking new streets, even the shitty parts like getting lost excite me.

I remember the first time I traveled with Sean I was nervous. We had a weekend trip planned to Chicago and I wanted it to be perfect. We had planned it on a whim, I think we booked the hotel 2 days before we left, and hoped for the best. To this day, it’s one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. We walked around in the freezing cold, stopping in random stores, taking pictures of strangers and their dogs, danced to Cuban music until 2am, I ate shit on black ice twice, ate delicious food and drank cold mojitos in the dead of winter.

We’ve traveled tons since then, and it always gets better. I recently went through a bunch of our pictures and wanted a share a few of my favorites.


So, so cold.


Hey little dog! This guy had purple booties on to keep his paws warm.


Breakfast in Wicker Park. Strawberry French toast with fresh berries.


The buildings in Chicago get me every time.




After Chicago, we headed west to see my brother in Denver.


Estes Park is more than beautiful.

robo mike

Robo Mike. This guy walks around 16th Street Mall all day. He dances, sings and makes fun of people. He stressed me out, but I saw some people laughing and clapping for him.

bw beach

We were forced to leave the mountains, but knew we wanted warmth on the next trip we took. I surprised Sean with a vacation over Thanksgiving break to Naples, Florida and we soaked the sun into our bones for a week straight.

gator alley



As much as I hate for things to end, it’s just as sweet to come home. Sometimes I feel like we’re in such a rush to move to a more exciting city, but I love our life here.

s and s

me and sam

bea and sean

w booth

I feel really lucky that we’ve been able to see as much as we have already. It’s easy to want more or compare your life to someone who is able to do more than you, but it’s a beautiful thing to accept what you have.





One thought on “Past Travels

  1. I seriously adore your travel pics. You + Sean are so so perfect together and I think it’s great that you guys are travelling your hearts out now. One day we should double date vacay! xoxo

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