This past week has been busy as shit. Work, school, my mama got married (!!!!!!!), and I’m getting ready to start selling soup for the fall.

I watched my dad’s cats while he was on his 15th vacation this summer. His house is the house I grew up in, so it’s fun to stay there when he’s out of town. His kitchen is dreamy and I love cooking big meals when I’m over.



I made a really simple dinner of pan roasted chicken and corn on the cob with tarragon-basil butter. I didn’t plan on posting a specific recipe, but if anyone wants one, I’m happy to put one up!




This is one of my dad’s cats, Martin. He is the sweetest kitty you’ll ever meet and obviously only has one eye, which makes him even better.


I mentioned earlier that my beautiful mama got married this week, so here’s a few pictures I took of her a couple hours after the ceremony.


So much love for this lady. Her happiness means everything to me.


She picked the flowers for her bouquet from her garden at home the morning of the wedding.

Sean turns 25 next week, and my brother and his fiance are coming into town from Denver the week after, so I’m excited for the weeks to come.

What has everyone else been up to?


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