The First Post

I have no idea what to say.

I’ve thought about starting a blog for years, and it’s finally time to commit. I’m halfway through culinary school, a cat owner, and deeply passionate about food.

I wanted a space to share my ideas and recipes along with photos of my life and travels. My boyfriend, Sean, and I have dreams of traveling the world, and embark on adventures as often as we can.

Together, we share an apartment and two cats, Stella and Bea. Sean is wild about music and will occasionally post videos and/or songs he’s recently been inspired by.

Our latest adventure started in Dayton, Ohio and ended in Miami, Florida. We spent 11 days in my car, seeing a new city almost every day. From Asheville, to Bonita Springs, to Marco Island, to Sanibel, to Captiva Island, to Miami, and finally down to Key Biscayne. We left feeling inspired to make something out of our lives.

Here’s a few photos from our trip.  I also snuck in some cat pictures….expect that a lot.

I’ll be back with a recipe post on Wednesday.

Thank you for listening, whoever and wherever you are.


Brevard, North Carolina


High Falls, North Carolina


Flowers at our house in Bonita Springs


Florida foliage




The craziest sunset






Bea! (He’s a boy).


10 thoughts on “The First Post

  1. Finally! I know I talk to you everyday but I’m so excited to see what you share in the blog world. Evie better make an appearance 😉 xoxo

  2. Great, can’t wait for the recipes, I’ll be checking everyday! I have been getting into some healthy organic cooking recently and may have a few recipes to share with you. You can test them out and give us your honest opinion. Love your pictures, especially the cats. 🙂

  3. I Look forward to seeing future post and pictures, I’ve heard your boyfriend Sean has a handsome and talented Father, it would be wonderful to see pictures of him out here some day!

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